from a war-time report to the Serbian government
by Colonel Dokitch
In Serbia

photos of a similar incident taken from a French magazine issue of January 1916



Aug. In a meadow, close to the river, on the left bank of the Yadar, just below the inn of Krivaia, I saw the following spectacle: A group of children, girls, women, and men, 15 in all, were lying dead, tied together by their hands. Most of them had been bayoneted. One young girl had been bayoneted below the jaw, on the left, and the point of the weapon had come out through the right cheek-bone. Many of the corpses had no teeth left. On the back of an old woman who was lying on her face, there was some coagulated blood, and in this were found some teeth. This old woman was lying beside the girl whose wound has been described above. It would appear that the old woman was killed first, and the young girl immediately afterwards, so that the teeth of the latter were scattered on the back of the old woman. The chemises of the little girls and young women were blood-stained, which seems to indicate that they had been violated before being killed. Near this group, apart, lay the dead bodies of three men who had been bayoneted in the head, throat, and cheek.

Colonel Dokitch (commanding 20th Serbian Infantry Regiment) in Report on Atrocities committed by the Austro-Hungarian Army.


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