Several Front Page Covers


'Burgomaster Blown to Pieces from a German Gun'

"Have you ever been up in a balloon?" the Germans asked the Burgomaster of Liege. When he said 'No,' they replied: 'We will give you a similar sensation now." And, tying him in front of a gun, they blew him to pieces.

'Treacherous Even When Wounded'

'The Story of Rosette'

At Cirey, a poor half-witted goatherd named Rosette fled to the cellar of some neihbouring peasants for safety. Going back home for her keys, which she had forgotten, she was captured by Uhlans. The Germans gagged her with her own kerchief and thrust her against the wall, where the officer accused her of spying, shot her twice. Her corpse lay with her imprisoned companions all night.'

'How Germans Rewarded a Generous Foe'

During the present war the Germans have shown themselves incapable of even understanding the elements of chivalry. At Mons, a British soldier when offering water to a wounded German, was treacherously shot by the German's comrades behind him.