Photos from 'Panorama'


A Collection of Photos from a Dutch News Magazine

2 Covers of Occupied Antwerp

Left : German Naval Infantry Pose on the Quay
Right : German Authorities Hang Out Proclamations and Ordenances


During the Fight for Antwerp

The Antwerp Harbor during the Occupation



The Dutch newsmagazine 'Panorama' covered the events in Belgium during the summer of 1914 extensively. Belgium was after all a neighboring country and there was widespread fear that the war might soon come to the Netherlands as well, either from German or British provocations. In spite of a long standing rivalry between Belgium and the Netherlands, it is clear that Dutch sympathies lay with the countless numbers of Belgian civilian refugees that fled across the borders, especially during the bombardment of Antwerp in October 1914.

Even though a Belgian city, Antwerp was for many Dutchmen living in the south of the their country, the largest city of importance and was consequently not only a place to conduct business and trading, but also a metropolitan center of importance and the gateway to the rest of Belgium. It is therefore not unexpected that 'Panorama' made much of the siege and later occupation of Antwerp, publishing many photographs and articles.

In this section we shall present some 30 illustrations taken from 'Panorama' in 1914 and early 1915.



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