Antwerp Occupied



the cover of a Dutch news magazine : 'Panorama'
German naval infantry pose on the Antwerp quay.

Antwerp was an almost empty city when German troops held a victory parade in the city center.

the German flag flies over former Belgian Headquarters

In the old city : destroyed houses

Belgian prisoners leaving Antwerp for Germany

Standing guard and posing in the new Kommandantur

A German guard-post in the Antwerp suburbs

Patroling in the city

German supply carts in Antwerp

A field kitchen in an Antwerp suburb

from a French magazine (Les Hommes du Jour)
Incorrectly captioned as the changing of the guard at the Cathedral.

It was actually taken at one of the city gates.

from a French magazine (Les Hommes du Jour)
French sarcasm : German soldiers in the Antwerp zoo looking at the eagles



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