the New York Times
'Mid-Week Pictorial'



an American Magazine

cover page of the October 15th, 1914 issue
a Belgian scout spying out the countryside - obviously a posed photo


left : many refugees fleeing the Germans ended up in Antwerp
right : results of the first Zeppelin bombing of Antwerp on August 25th, 1914

left : the Belgian army in the field
right : refugees on the road and wrecked trains


'The New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial' was a newly created American magazine, almost exclusively meant to publish war news and photos. The first issue was dated September 9th, 1914 and clearly American publishers were just as keen to jump on the bandwagon as European news publishers. The war was sure to be a godsend, not only for armaments and munitions manufacturors, but for the printed media as well.

'The Mid-week Pictorial' was a large sized, lavishly illustrated magazine, with an abundance of clear and sharp photographs printed in rotogravure. The photos were selected from various news agencies world-wide and the United States being neutral till April 1917, had access to German and Austrian as well as to the more well known Entente photographic material to be found in British and French publications..
As in many countries, sympathy in the USA lay with 'Poor Little Belgium' and much was made of the gallant defence of the country by the small and outnumbered Belgian army. Since during the first few months of the war, the defence of Belgium was mainly conducted from the fortress of Antwerp. many scenes can be found of events in and around the city. Here follows a selection from several 1914 issues of 'the New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial'.


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