One of the Leading French News Magazines

King Albert amongst his troops in besieged Antwerp
see link The Soldier King on the origins of this illustration

Antwerp forts under fire


'l'Illustration' was probably the most distinguished French news weekly in print at the time of the Great War and was quite similar in outlook to British publications such as 'the Sphere' and 'the London Illustrated News' and the German weekly 'Illustrirte Zeitung'. Lavishly illustrated, often with color reproductions of works by leading French illustrators and artists and printed on thick quality stock, this magazine was of such obvious worth that even now it is relatively easy to obtain war time copies. After the war, the entire print-run of war-time issues was reprinted and sold both individually and in a massive ten volume bound set.
Although a French magazine, 'l'Illustration' was not as myopically one-sighted as other publications and regularly printed articles and photos on events in other theaters-of-war. Here are several pages on the siege and fighting at Antwerp during August to October 1914.




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