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From a French Publication

German atrocities in Belgium

Zeppelins bombarding Antwerp at night
*see Zeppelins Bomb Antwerp

The defense of Antwerp


These three illustrations are part of a series of drawings depicting episodes from the early days of the war in the west. They are original French publications, though not from a magazine. It appears they are somewhat similar to the very popular naive 'Images d'Epinal' type of drawings. As is the case with most of such illustrative work, veracity of what is shown is not of prime importance.

In the above drawings for instance, Antwerp is not surrounded by heights against which heroically charging British soldiers could charge in neat Napoleonic waves of men. Nor were a number of Zeppelins hovering about the city all at the same time. Such drawings were primarily intended to illustrate patriotically inspiring scenes, not to depict the reality of Great War battlefields.

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