'Against All Odds'
Fighting the Kaiser's Army


Belgium's Defiant Stand

From a French history volume : Uniforms of the Belgian Army in 1914


A series of photographs from various news magazines and books showing the Belgian army in action against the invaders. Correspondants from all over the world flocked to Belgium to get near the fighting and record the events. Not all succeeded, but those who did, wrote stirring and vivid tales of what they saw. Expecting the small Belgian army to be brushed aside, most were admiring in their praise at the tenacity and stubborness which the Belgian forces showed in defending their homeland. See the various accounts that are posted under the section of magazine and book excerpts.

Here follows a small gallery of war photographs that were published in news magazines and books of eye-witness accounts. The British magazines were especially unreserved in their praise of 'Brave Little Belgium'.










Two handcolored postcards.