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1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia


Opening Day

Main building, Henry Pettit and Joseph
Wilson, architects. It covered 21.27 acres.

overview of grounds

HJ Schwarzmann,
architect and chief planner

Architects and engineers
at work

installation in main 
exhibition hall,
January 1876. Henry Pettit and Joseph
Wilson, architects.

unloading exhibits for 
main exhibition hall

railroad station

Installation views, from Frank Leslie's illustrated history.

Exhibition Buildings

Memorial Building
or Art Gallery, HJ Schwarzmann, architect.

Memorial Building
or Art Gallery, from 
an old postcard.
HJ Schwarzmann, architect.

Art Gallery interior

Statue of Freed Slaves 
by Francesco Pezzicar
in the Art Gallery

Horticultural Hall, HJ Schwarzmann, architect.

Horticultural Hall, 
from an old postcard,
HJ Schwarzmann, architect.
Horticultural Building, HJ Schwarzmann, architect. 

Women's Building, HJ Schwarzmann, architect.

Women's Building, 
interior, HJ Schwarzmann, architect.

Women's Building, 
art exhibit

Agricultural Building. James Windrim, architect.

Agricultural Building. James Windrim, architect.

Agricultural Building

Agricultural building 
under construction
  1. Memorial Building, or Art Gallery. Designed by H.J. Schwarzmann. 365' long, 210' wide.
  2. Horticultural Hall. Designed by H.J. Schwarzmann. 383' long, 193' wide.
  3. Women's Building. Designed by H.J. Schwarzmann.
  4. Agricultural Building. 820' long, 540' wide.
  5. Agricultural Building, interior. Showing old windmill, etc.
  6. Agricultural Building, interior.
State Buildings

New Jersey state building;
Carl Pfieffer, architect.

Illinois state building

Michigan state building

California and Nevada 

Massachusetts state 

Foreign Buildings

British buildings, Thomas Harris,
architect (London)

Japanese building

The Egyptian Court


Public Comfort building

The Corliss Engine; 1400 horsepower, 40 tall, 200+ tons.

Corliss Engine: Emperor of Brazil
and President Grant

"Food Fishes 
of the Sea" in the US gov't building.

Chinese exhibit: inspecting a vase

inside the Kindergarten 

New England Kitchen

New England Kitchen
Wheelchairs could be rented for touring the exposition for $4.50 per day.

Additional information about the 1876 World's Fair

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