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Each page will take about 30 seconds to load since they are in spreadsheet format with all of the original data.  

These census pages may be investigated with the search engine on the
East Newark Home Page.  

I am in the process of producing a transcript of the 1900 Census.  
Please notify me of any errors you may find.


1790 1830 1870 1905
1800 1840 1880 1910
1810 1850 1895 1915
1820 1860 1900 1920




1900 Census
Individual Pages

34A 41A 48A 55A
34B 41B 48B 55B
35A 42A 49A 56A
35B 42B 49B 56B
36A 43A 50A 57A
36B 43B 50B 57B
37A 44A 51A 58A
37B 44B 51B 58B
38A 45A 52A  
38B 45B 52B  
39A 46A 53A  
39B 46B 53B  
40A 47A 54A  
40B 47B 54B  

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