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About Railinfo 1.0 for Windows

About Railinfo 1.0 for Windows

Railinfo 1.0 was created with Visual Basic 4.0 for Windows 3.1 (but it works in Win95). Railinfo attempts to be a comprehensive database of information that a traveling railfan would desire. Its main purpose is to create text-based log files containing locomotive reporting marks, number, model, builder, and built date; report date and location; as well as photograph catalog number and any other notes. Some of this information is provided by the user, and Railinfo provides locomotive roster information automatically. Rosters can be edited and updated using an easy-to-use roster editor.

Railinfo provides Employee Timetable information in text file format, with a comprehensive index. It also provides you with some web-originated radio frequency information as well as NORAC signal rules in full color. Its best feature is a powerful search engine that allows you to search up to four text entries in Boolean (AND, OR, NOT) format. One can search many files and output the results to a text file. Both record files (railfan logs) and timetables can be searched this way.

This version is somewhat limited in scope, due to time limitations and programming ability (or lack thereof). My concept of future versions would be an Internet-based program, with downloadable timetable updates for all of North America; as well as downloadable, updated rosters and signal rules. Railfans would be able to share sighting info with one another in a quick, timely manner.

Well, I have finished compiling help and setup files. You can download Railinfo in zip file format, for PC Compatibles with Win 3.1 or higher. You'll need pkunzip or WinZip to extract the file. If you have pkunzip or WinZip installed on your system, find the file in Explorer, File Manager, etc; and double-click it. This should start pkunzip or Winzip. Extract the ri10.exe file into a temporary folder. Run the setup.exe file located in that temporary folder.

How to install Railinfo:

  1. download Railinfo(3MB)
  2. Unzip the file using pkunzip or WinZip, unzip the file to a temporary folder/directory (for example "C:\ri10temp")
  3. Run the setup.exe program located in the temporary folder/directory
  4. Follow instructions when prompted by the installation program
  5. Minor error I just caught: If you're using Win 95 or NT, you'll have to add your own shortcut to ri10.exe, located in whatever folder you installed Railinfo (by default, should be C:\RI10 ) I'll fix this asap, so you can wait if you are patient. To add a shortcut, go into "My Computer", the drive and folder you installed Railinfo into, and locate ri10.exe. Then click once on ri10.exe and drag it to the desktop. That should do it.
7/29/99 To update your roster files and the Railinfo program file, download this file. It's 160KB. Unzip it. Replace the existing ri10.exe file with the new one from the zipfile. Put the .ros roster files in your ri10/ros/ directory. One caveat - if you use the signal rules and timetables features of Railinfo, this version does not support them. However, that information is available online at Eastern Railroad News.

If you have any problems, email me. Also, please let me know what you think and any suggestions you may have.

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