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CSXT Mountain Subdivision
CSXT Mountain Subdivision

In October, 1997; Peter McGilligan and I took another pilgrimage to B&O country. This time, we visited CSXT's Mountain Subdivision (from Cumberland, MD to Grafton, WV) for four days. These three photos from that trip are not representative of the excellent photos we got that trip; since I took mostly slides but don't have a slide scanner. So, these three are scans of the only three prints I took. Oh well.
This is the West Virginia Northern passenger excursion train at Tunnelton, WV on October 16, 1997. WVN was reactivated in the early 1990's for this purpose. It had previously closed due to a lack of freight (coal) traffic. WVN 52 is an SW1200, one of the three original WVN units.


Here is a pair of SD70MAC's awaiting helper duty at Hardman, WV. Hardman (formerly Q) Tower is visible in the background, and is generally where helpers are added to eastbound trains. Helper set B242-17 consisted of SD70MAC's 719 and 706, and is seen here on October 17, 1997 at noon. These units later pushed S316-15 eastward to Cumberland. Also note that CSXT designates SD70MAC's as SD70AC.

Hardman Tower was closed in late June, 1998. Helpers are now added at Grafton, WV. "D" Tower in Grafton is also slated to close, as a new yard operations building will be constructed on the site.


We then chased S316-15 eastward towards Maryland. We stopped at Tanner's Crossing on the Cranberry Grade, and hiked in to Graveyard Curve. Many Irish immigrants helped construct the B&O line from Grafton to Cumberland, some of whom are buried at this small graveyard.

S316 is headed eastward towards Terra Alta, WV with a drove of power: 5517, 110, 6391, 6409, and 2226 (B30-7, CW44AC, 2 GP40-2's, and a Road Slug). S316 also had SD70MAC's 719 and 706 on the hind end - totalling 21,400 horsepower!


After chasing S316 east to Luke, we then found a westbound empty "coal cars" to chase back to Tunnelton. E101-16 cruises at track speed at Hopemont, WV at 17:04 behind SD70MAC 718 and C40-8 7615. Hopemont is in the area known as "The Glades", a high-altitude region known for strange weather patterns. In the health-spa era of the 1800's, The Glades hosted several mineral water resorts and hotels, bringing droves of passengers to the area via the B&O.

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