Les forces en présence

German Side

Allied side

Groupe d'Armées H :         7 divisions

  • 15 eme Armée           11 divisions

Groupe d'Armées B :
  • 6eme Panzer-Armee   9 divisions
  • 5eme Panzer-Armee
  • 7eme Armée              11 divisions
  • Réserve                       5 divisions

Groupe d'Armées G et Rhin supérieur :
                                          21 divisions

                                   soit 64 divisions

+ Réserves 10 divisions

Total : 74 divisions
+ 3 Divisions on the Atlantic coast

If the comparative one of the forces in the presence of the point of view of the number of committed divisions appears appreciably equivalent, it should however be stressed that the payrolls of a German divisions of 1944 does not correspond completely to those of a allied divisions of the same time. Indeed, whereas a division of Panzer cannot align more than 90 panzers, American divisions can count on a varying figure of armoured tanks from 186 to 232 tanks per division.
The report/ratio is appreciably the same one with regard to infantry divisions. American divisions are practically with payrolls complete, i.e. with approximately 14 000 men, while German divisions do not count any more but between 8 000 to 10 000 men, in it including the very young or very old volunteers.
It is also difficult to have an idea of the number of air units committed on the face, but it is certain that, even if Luftwaffe carried out some operations, she is far from adding up the number impressing of outputs carried out by the hunters combined as from December 26.