Shortly after the beginning of the offensive, the Combat Command B of the 10 th Armored Division is transported from the Saar towards the Luxembourg Franco border waiting to receive the commands relating to its destination. 101 st Airborne, which is close to Rheims receives its command of movement and moves towards Ardenne by truck.

December 18, colonel Roberts, controlling Combat Command B arrives to Bastogne and arises to Troy Middleton, commander de Bastogne. This one gives to Roberts the command to block the three most dangerous accesses to the city. Thus the TEAM Desobry is sent to Noville, the TEAM Cherry in Longvilly and the TEAM O' Hara in Wardin. The remainder of the Combat Command B is kept in reserve.
The same day, an anti-tank battalion which is in the area of Aachen receives the command to be driven towards Bastogne.
The 501 th regiment of parachutists, head of the 101 st Airborne arrives in Bastogne this same evening. At the same moment, the first elements of the 2 nd Panzer Division arrive for Longvilly.

December 19, these advanced elements of the 2 nd Panzer avoid the TEAM Cherry while obliquing towards north. Whereas it exceeds Bourcy, it runs up against the TEAM Desobry. It then decides to extend its movement towards north to attack Noville since several sides.
The column of Panzer Lehr seeks to enter in Bastogne, but it enlise in bad paths, loses much time, and arrives finally at Mageret, in the back of the TEAM Cherry. Panzer Lehr moves then towards Neffe for Bastogne, but following a false evidence of civil, it still wastes time for it believes that a strong detachment of allied armoured tanks is on its backs. Indeed, of the noises of caterpillars had been heard but it was a small detachment of armoured tanks and not a whole column!
The small TEAM laid out with the roads leading to Bastogne make waste an invaluable time with German, which causes to make it possible the 101 st Airborne to join the city before the German attack. As foolish as that can appear, that was played really very little time.

December 20, 2nd Panzer, Panzer Lehr and 26 Volksgrenadier Division begin their attempt at investment of Bastogne. After an attempt of the tanks in morning which fails, one second attempt of the tanks helped by the infantry succeeds. The situation becoming critical, the TEAM Desobry as well as the 1st battalion of the 506 th is authorized to fold up itself. After this fixing, the TEAM Desobry has nothing any more but 4 tanks out of the 15 of the departure. An attack of the 26 th Volksgrenadier Division fails on Bizory. Another attack on Marvie towards 12H00 is stopped. A little later, an attack of tanks is stopped by artillery on the Longvilly-Bastogne road. Another attack of Neffe towards Mont is also a failure.
At the beginning of evening, part of the 26 th VGD carries out a great movement overflowing by the south towards Sibret, but runs up against the US detachments of the 347 th planed regiment and the engineering of the 101 st splitting.
December 20, no German splitting could enter in Bastogne.

December 21, Bastogne is insulated. Surrounding is complete. Panzer Lehr exceeds Bastogne by the south, and the 2 nd Panzer by north.
Some elements of Panzer Lehr on the spot remain with the 26 th VGD in order to reduce the place of Bastogne.
Mc Auliffe, controlling by interim of Bastogne, placed the 4 regiments of the 101 st on the perimeter.
It keeps in reserve in Bastogne the Combat Command B of the 10 th Armored Division; a grouping made up of elements of the 9 th and the 28 th splittings (TEAM Snafu) constitutes a reserve of 600 men or the units on line will be able to draw according to the needs.

December 22 about midday, from the German members of Parliament come to ask for the rendering of Bastogne, but Mc Auliffe, reading the message cannot be prevented from murmuring« Oh Nuts ! ». Asking for consulting near his state major to know what it was to answer, colonel Kinnard answers:« And well your first remark seems to me the best ». Thus the NUTS entered the legend.

December 23 in end according to midday, an attack of infantry and tanks on Marvie follows a preparation of ten minute old artillery. An American group is encircled and destroyed. German progresses then on the village and invests the houses of the southern edge.
Engagements will last all during the night. The tanks cannot progress in the narrow streets from the presence of carcasses of American vehicles. German is contained in the houses of the southern edges.
In the west of Bastogne, American gives up covering it of Flamierge under the pressure of the enemy and folds up itself on the heights in the east of Mande-Saint-Etienne. In after midday, they are supplied by parachuting of 150 tons provisioning.

The 24, hundred tons of supply will be still parachuted. The German command decides to hasten the fall of Bastogne and the 26 VGD and 15 th Panzer pomegranate which has just arrived will combine their efforts for a new attack. The 5 th splitting para as for it will ensure the liberty of action of the operation by making block vis-a-vis the south.

The 25, the German command sends its tanks to the west of the city for it considers the ground more favorable to displacements of armoured tanks. Meanwhile, the ammunition which were cruelly lacking to restock artillery were parachuted.
Combat violent one take place with Champs. 18 Panzer IV try to force the perimeter on the side of Mande-Saint-Etienne. They succeed there, but the cord is closed again after their passage. The group divise' in the two 7 tanks moves towards Rolle and the 11 others towards Hemroulle.
One by one, the first 7 tanks are is destroyed (6) or captured intact (1 in Hemroulle).
11 others, subjected to shootings of bazookas, or artilleries all are also destroyed. The opening will have lasted 2. 00.

The 26, of new attacks take place in the western sector of Bastogne.
The 4 th Armored Division pushing by three parallel routes is able to clear a path towards Bastogne. After some engagements in Assenois, some tanks manage to enter the lines held by the allies towards 16. 45.
With these first vehicles of the 4 th Armored splitting arrives the General Maxwell Taylor who, learning the German attack whereas it was in permission in the USA, also quickly took the plane towards Europe.
Mc Auliffe then gave the command of Bastogne to him by the means of a kind of diploma somewhat humorous indicating that the place was in good condition and disinfected of« Krauts ».

Between the 27 and on December 29, the German attacks all are destroyed.

December 29, a conference takes place with Engreux in Armeegruppe Von Luttwitz. Plans are prepared for imperatively taking Bastogne. The plan is as follows: a body will tackle west while another will do it simultaneously is in order to take the corridor connecting Bastogne to the allied armies and thus to insulate Bastogne again.
Assenois will be the objective, but also the point of meeting held on the two attacks. From there, it will be enough to be returned against Bastogne and of launching attacks all around the city. This plan must begin on December 30 at 7. 30.
With the operation day before, Luftwaffe bombards the city which is strongly touched.
At the time of the German preparations, the allies do theirs for the attack that 11 th Armored Division and 85 th Infantry Division must achieve in the west of Bastogne the following day.

December 30, the two attacks enter in collision. Whereas Panzers approach Flohamont, close to Sibret, the fog rises and reveals an important formation of American tanks. It is the CCB of 11 th Armored Division.
All the efforts of the Germans to re-occupy the corridor of Bastogne will be useless, and this, until January 5.

January 5, the 12 th SS Panzer-Division reaches the railway line in the south-east of Foy, to 3,5 km of the center of Bastogne. It seizes part of wood in the west of Arloncourt like Mageret, given up by 6 th Armored Division.

However, even if on January 6, the 12 th SS Panzer-Division and 340. Volksgrenadier Division still manage to take part of wood in the north of Bizory, it is the end of the offensive and attacks will be cancelled.