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Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 13:09:45 -0400
From:  John Robertson
To: [email protected]
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Subject: [BOSTON] Re: Boston Tea Party at the T-Wharf?
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A list-member wrote:

>The Boston Tea Party took place on T Wharf.

A nubbin of what will be the T-wharf can be seen on this 1769 map (you have 
to get all this on one line)[email protected](A+new+plan+of+ye))[email protected](COLLID+armap))

It can be seen on this map for 1776.  There is a Bolston's (sp?) 
T-Wharf  on the north side of Long Wharf (bottom, center)
Is this the T-Wharf to which you refer.

It can be shown to be more fully developed, called the "Tea Wharf" on this 
map published in 1777 (you have to get all this on one line)[email protected](A+plan+of+the+town+of+Boston+with+the+intrenchments))[email protected](COLLID+armap))
It makes one wonder if special meaning has not been attached to the wharf 
being called "Tea-Wharf".

[Note:  if you have trouble making the two above urls work, there are links 
provided for both here

On the following 1800 map, this same "T-Wharf" is seen, apparently named as 
"Brummen's T-Wharf

By 1838, it appears that T-Wharf had grown to become quite a large wharf

It can still be seen on the 1855 map

With the landfilling, in 1891, T-wharf has become a wharf in itself (no 
longer an appendage of Long Wharf)

It remains visible, identified as "T.W" in the 1927 map

If one goes to
and enters
long wharf (for street address)
it can be seen that T-Wharf is now shown as no more than lump on the north 
side of Long Wharf.  It would have been directly in line with S. Market 
Street as can be seen on the above map.  You can see more detail by zooming 
in or clicking on the "aerial view" and zooming in.

I believe we have affixed the position of the T-Wharf, as well as having 
seen its history.
On the map of the various sites shown on
The T-Wharf would have been just off the n.e. corner of the map, 
immediately above Long Wharf.

By the way, this is the first mention I have received or found of this as a 
proposed site for the BTP.

Now the important question.  What primary source document is there that 
supports this as the site where the Boston Tea Party occurred?  Do you know 
anybody who would know that?  Do you know others who believe they have 
reason to believe that this is the Tea Party site?

Thanks for your response.

John Robertson

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