Black Cross/Red Star The Air War Over the Eastern Front. Vol. 1 - Operation Barbarossa, 1941.

By Christer Bergström and Andrey Mikhailov.

The air war on the Eastern Front in World War II was history's largest and longest air campaign. Nevertheless, it has been one of the least known and least understood chapters of aviation history.

This is because earlier publications on this immense subject have been based on material taken almost exclusively from the German side.

Black Cross/Red Star - in several photo-laden volumes - is to be the most complete and detailed series ever published on the air war over the Eastern Front. It presents for the first time a true balance between German and Soviet accounts.

Aviation historians Christer Bergström and Andrey Mikhailov have undertaken a huge research effort to glean the true events of this air war. Through their research, some of the first Soviet Air Force records ever to be seen in the West, and new information from German and Soviet airmen, they are able to present in this series many new insights into the vast Eastern Front aerial struggle.

Christer Bergström has been a scholar of the history of the German Air Force in World War II for almost thirty years and has written several other books on this subject.

Andrey Mikhailov is recognized as a well-versed scholar in the history of the Soviet Air Forces.

"In the mass of literature dealing with the Great Patriotic War there are only few books that attempt to describe the air battle 1941 - 1945 from the viewpoints of both sides. Bergström's and Mikhailov's work has every right to claim that it is the most successful work that has ever been made in this direction."

M. Morozov, Senior Research Officer of the Military History Institute of MO RF (Russian Federation's Ministry of Defence).

Background to the Front Cover Painting of Vol. 1

Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 1 and Volume 2 are published by:

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