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On January 1, 2002, Black Cross/Red Star, Vol. 2 received the 2001 Top Ten Award from Stone & Stone's Second World War Books website, which wrote:

"In this sixth year of the Top Ten awards, visitors to Stone & Stone's Second World War Books website have over the last two months nominated and voted for almost two hundred of the best nonfiction WWII-related titles published in 2001, and in so doing set a new record for the greatest number of votes cast during our Top Ten voting. (. . .)

"More specifically, it's interesting to note that volume two of Black Cross, Red Star finished in the top ten this year after volume one did the same last year."



* Bill Stone on Stone & Stone's reference Web site, October 28, 2001:

"Black Cross, Red Star: The Air War over the Eastern Front, volume one was a strong winner in our Top Ten awards for the best new WWII books of 2000. The second volume in the series by Christer Bergstrom and Andrey Mikhailov gives every indication of making another run for Top Ten honors this year.

"The first volume offered an unprecedented amount of carefully documented detail about both the Luftwaffe and the VVS during the first six months of the war on the Russian Front, ending at the turn of the year. The second volume picks up where the first left off, both chronologically and in terms of the detailed information provided about both air forces. (. . .)

Like the first volume, there is a great deal here which will be of extreme interest to every student of air warfare and the Russian Front."

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* Dave Williams at Aviation Booklist, November 2001:

"Christer Bergstrom and Andrey Mikhailov return with volume II of Black Cross Red Star. This 4 volume set promises to become definitive as the authors cover the complex history and vast scope of the Russian front. Pretty much everything I wrote concerning Volume 1 applies here (see above). The authors' unique approach results in balanced reporting free from hyperbole as the normally faceless Soviet side fleshes itself out under the authors' skilled hands. Numerous colored plates are included featuring beautifully illustrated Allied and Axis aircraft. Like its predecessor, Volume 2 contains numerous photographs depicting the men, machines, and often brutal conditions under which they fought. There is much pathos associated with the Russian campaign and the authors do a splendid job of detailing the stark nature of war in this theatre. Although scholarly, the book never bogs down and the larger strategic picture is constantly balanced by intimate portraits of pilots representing both sides of the conflict. Simply put, Black Cross Red Star is absolutely "must" reading for anyone interested in the Eastern front during WWII. The book constitutes a truly unique and unheralded contribution to our understanding of the German-Russian campaign. Highly Recommended!"


* Domingo Garcia's review at Barnes & Noble on November 19, 2001:

"I waited about a month after recieving this book to actually read it. I must say it is just as good as the first one, with numerous anecdotes and facts. It is just amazing that over a half a century later a huge part of history is just being brought out. It is also fitting that the people who fought and died on the eastern front are recognized (finally) like their counter parts on the western front. The only problem is, now I have to wait for the next installment...but I trust the author is already hard at work."


* Comments by another reader:

"I got this in the mail yesterday, and have to say that it's very nice! This new volume has glossy paper, colour maps, and some excellent colour profiles. I've read through the first few chapters, and it follows the style of the previous volume - very readable, with the focus on both the tactical and individual situations. There are alot of very good photos, and the new paper on which they are printed make for much better image quality. Highly recommended."


* Robert E. Wartburg's review at on November 27, 2001:

"Volume 2 of Black Cross / Red Star retains the written quality of Christer Bergstrom and Andrey Mikhailov, but adds aviation color profiles done by such notables as Claes Sundin and Tom Tullis. Those in the aviation community are familiar with their excellent work. When I reviewed Volume 1, I made comments about the quality of the maps and photos. The authors and publisher listened to reader feedback and made the necessary corrections. The maps are outstanding! No blurring and all place names are readable. This greatly assists the reader when following the myriad of battles on the Eastern Front. The strength of Black Cross / Red Star has always been the team of Bergstrom and Mikhailov. They intermix dates, times, persons and events with first-person accounts by all protagonists. Using this formula, the numbers and facts are given a human face. Joy, triumph, sorrow and pain all lie beneath all military statistics. For every victor there is a defeated foe. The reader learns about them in their own words from diaries and interviews. Every day, surviving veterans pass on. Books like Black Cross / Red Star will soon be the only resource by which they will be remembered. I highly recommend this book to anyone with even a sprinkling of interest in historical aviation."


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