Personal Message to
General-Leytenant Arkadiy Kovachevich

Leutnant (Lieutenant) Heinrich Graf von Einsiedel

This is the photo of your old acquaintance Leutnant (Lieutenant) Heinrich Graf von Einsiedel, the great grandson of Bismarck, that we promised you at Monino Air Force Museum.

Leutnant von Einsiedel flew as Adjutant in III./JG 3 Udet, as you already know. He achieved 35 victories before he was shot down and captured on August 30, 1942. Von Einsiedel returned to Germany in 1950.

He has written a book about his experiences during his Soviet confinement.

The full story of this event will be published in "Black Cross/Red Star", including the unique account from this occasion that you so kindly provided us with.

Best wishes

Claes Sundin, Christer Bergström, Vlad Antipov, Andrey Mikhailov.

                            © Christer Bergström, Vlad Antipov, Andrey Mikhailov 2000  

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