JG 54 Loss List
JG 54 historian G�nther Rosipal has compiled a list of losses suffered by JG54 " Gr�nherz" during World War II. My friend Bob Wartburg (JG 54 Homepage ) has kindly allowed me to link this loss list to the Black Cross/Red Star site.

Much valuable assistance has been provided by Hans-Ekkehard Bob, the late Hannes Trautloft, Otto Kath, Erwin Leykauf, Artur G�rtner, Norbert Hannig, Rolf Merwitz, Bob Wartburg, Christian Kirsch, G�nther Rey, and Rudolf Walter.

The loss list is in Excel7.0 / Win95 format:

JG 54 Loss List

Note: Many of the columns and headers are in German. Do not panic!
G�nther has provided an Explanations tab in the Excel worksheet.

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