JG 54 Loss List
JG 54 historian Günther Rosipal has compiled a list of losses suffered by JG54 " Grünherz" during World War II. My friend Bob Wartburg (JG 54 Homepage ) has kindly allowed me to link this loss list to the Black Cross/Red Star site.

Much valuable assistance has been provided by Hans-Ekkehard Bob, the late Hannes Trautloft, Otto Kath, Erwin Leykauf, Artur Gärtner, Norbert Hannig, Rolf Merwitz, Bob Wartburg, Christian Kirsch, Günther Rey, and Rudolf Walter.

The loss list is in Excel7.0 / Win95 format:

JG 54 Loss List

Note: Many of the columns and headers are in German. Do not panic!
Günther has provided an Explanations tab in the Excel worksheet.

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