Volunteers of Ireland at Battle of Camden

I have finished going through the Volunteers of Ireland rolls for their muster of February 1780 on Staten Island. Afterwards, I looked through other manuscripts I have on the regiment to weed out officers and men who were left at New York, plus the field return to eliminate ranks that were not there (i.e. lieutenant colonel, major, surgeon, adjutant, and quarter master.

However, as I feared, there are still way too many folks here. The VoI had at the battle: 1 colonel, 4 captains, 4 lieutenants, 6 ensigns, 1 surgeon's mate, 23 sergeants, 11 drummers, 253 rank & file.

After all the weeding and eliminating, this is what I have: 1 colonel, 5 captains, 8 lieutenants, 8 ensigns, 1 surgeon's mate, 29 sergeants, 20 drummers, 520 rank & file. That means we have an excess of: 1 captain, 4 lieutenants, 2 ensigns, 6 sergeants, 9 drummers, 267 rank & file. We have roughly double the number that were actually there.

The source for the muster rolls is: National Archives of Canada, RG 8, "C" Series, Volume 1887.

Todd W. Braisted

Volunteers of Ireland
Presumed at or near the Battle of Camden, 16 August 1780.


Private John Abbot
Drummer John Adams
Private Robert Alexander
Private William Alfred
Private Simon Anderson
Private Robert Ardis
Private David Atkins
Private George Atkins
Private William Ayres



Private John Bagnell
Corporal William Bailey
Corporal Charles Ball
Private Patrick Barrett
Private William Barrett
Private Benjamin Barry
Private Edward Barry
Private John Barry
Private Michael Barry (1)
Private Michael Barry (2)
Private Michael Barry (3)
Private Michael Barry (4)
Private Thomas Barry
Private William Barry
Private James Bartley
Private Thomas Bartley
Private William Bayes
Private William Bell
Private Thomas Bentley
Private John Bigham
Private Moses Bingham
Drummer Thomas Bingham
Lieutenant Harmon Black
Private John Black (1)
Private John Black (2)
Private John Blake
Private Peter Bowes
Private John Bowmer
Private Nicholas Boyatt
Private Patrick Boyle
Private Philip Boyle
Private James Bradley
Private John Bradley
Sergeant Michael Bradley
Sergeant Peter Brandon
Private John Brannon
Drummer Daniel Brennan
Volunteer Bailey Breton
Private Timothy Brodrick
Private Patrick Brophy
Private Charles Brown
Private Joseph Brown
Corporal Thomas Brown
Private Elikem Brush
Private John Bryant
Private Dennis Buckley
Private John Buckley
Private Thomas Buckston
Private Jeremiah Burke
Private John Burke
Private Matthew Burke
Corporal Redmund Burke
Private Tobias Burke
Private Andrew Burns
Private Arthur Burns
Private James Burns
Sergeant John Burns
Sergeant John Butler
Private Joseph Butler



Private James Caddle
Captain John Campbell (1)
Private John Campbell (2)
Private John Cardel
Private Matthew Carr
Private John Carroll
Private Edward Carthew
Drummer -- Carty
Private John Casey
Private Patrick Catherwood
Private William Cavan
Private William Cavanough
Private Charles Cavender
Private William Chambers
Private Peter Chapman
Private Robert Chiles
Drummer Daniel Clarke
Private John Clarke
Drummer Thomas Clarke (1)
Private Thomas Clarke (2)
Private Martin Cleary
Private Thomas Clerk
Sergeant Moses Coates
Private Redmond Cody
Private James Coffee
Private Michael Cohoon
Private Michael Coleman
Private William Coley
Private James Collings
Private John Collins
Private Patrick Collins
Private John Condon
Private Henry Conlon
Private Jeffrey Connell
Private John Connolly (1)
Private John Connolly (2)
Private Barnabas Connor
Private James Connor
Private John Connor
Private William Connor
Private Patrick Conroy
Private William Conway
Private George Cook
Ensign James Cordner
Private William Cornwall
Private Michael Costolow
Private Patrick Coughlan
Private Samuel Coyle
Private Alexander Craige
Drummer Henry Croft
Private Neil Crosson
Private Ezekial Crozier
Private Thomas Cummins
Ensign George Cunningham
Private James Cunningham
Private Thomas Cunningham
Private John Cupid
Private Peter Cups
Private John Curry (1)
Private John Curry (2)



Captain Lieutenant David Dalton
Private James Darby
Private John Darcy
Private David Davis
Private James Davis
Private John Davis
Private Ishmael Dawson
Private John Defray
Sergeant James Delany
Private Lawrence Demsley
Private Michael Dennison
Private Jacques Denoise
Private James Dignan
Private Patrick Donnolly
Private William Donoghue
Private William Dorman
Private Archibald Dougherty
Private George Dougherty
Private James Dougherty
Private John Dougherty
Private William Douglas
Captain John Doyle
Private Patrick Doyle
Private John Driver
Private Mark Druitt
Private Michael Drummond
Private Lewis Duclow
Private John Dudgeon
Private Cornelius Duffy
Private Daniel Duggan
Sergeant Henry Duggan
Private John Duggan
Private John Duffey
Sergeant Edward Dunfee
Private Edward Dunfy
Private James Dunn
Drummer John Dunn
Private Patrick Dunnivan
Private Martin Dwier



Sergeant Michael Eagan
Private John Eagon
Sergeant Peter Emmell
Private John Erskine
Private Thomas Evans



Private Patrick Fane
Private Michael Fanning
Private Cornelius Farrell
Private John Farrell
Private Christopher Felkins
Private Joseph Finarty
Private Henry Finlan
Private Andrew Finney
Private Maurice Fitzgerald
Corporal Thomas Fitzgerald
Private James Fitzgibbons
Private William Flanigan
Private Francis Fleetwood
Private David Flynn
Private John Fox
Private Lewis Frances
Sergeant Robert Fulton



Corporal James Lenox Gaff
Private James Garland
Private Thomas Garvan
Private William Gaulighar
Private Edward Gibbins
Private William Gibson
Private Andrew Giddin
Ensign Edward Gilborne
Private Richard Gilbreath
Lieutenant Hugh Gillespie
Private James Gillmore
Private Michael Gillmore
Private John Gillon
Corporal George Glynn
Private John Glover
Private Laurence Goodwin
Private Henry Gorman
Private James Gorman
Private George Gouherty
Corporal Robert Graham
Sergeant Joseph Graves
Private Andrew Grey
Private George Griffen
Private John Grimes
Private Terence Grimes
Private Jonathon Grindle
Private Henry Grogan
Private Hugh Gwynn



Private James Hackett
Private Michael Hackett
Sergeant James Haggerty
Private Richard Hallahan
Private George Hamilton
Private James Hamilton
Private Peter Hank
Private William Hanley
Private John Harford
Private Christopher Harley
Private Edward Harrington
Private John Harrington
Private John Harris
Corporal Richard Harrison
Private Joseph Hartigan
Private John Harvey
Captain Charles Hastings
Sergeant William Hawkins
Private John Hayes
Private William Haynes
Private Alexander Heaslet
Private John Henry
Private John Hewart
Private William Hewett
Private John Hickey (1)
Private John Hickey (2)
Private Thomas Hickey
Private Benjamin Higgins
Private Thomas Higgins
Surgeon's Mate Hugh Hill
Private James Hobbs
Private William Hobbs
Private Francis Hodge
Private Edward Hogan
Private John Hogg
Private Richard Hollewell
Private Thomas Hooper
Sergeant Edward Howard
Private James Howard
Private Robert Howard
Private William Howard
Private James Howell
Private Thomas Howell
Private Henry Hughes
Private Thomas Hughes
Private David Humphries
Private John Hunt
Private Nathaniel Hunter
Private Thomas Hunter
Private Andrew Hyde



Private John Innis
Private John Isherwood



Private Isaac Jackson
Private Francis Jacobs
Sergeant Thomas James (1)
Private Thomas James (2)
Private David Jefferys
Private William Jefferys
Private Peircy Jenkins
Private Elief Jesper
Lieutenant John Jewell
Corporal William John
Private John Johnson
Private John Johnston (1)
Private John Johnston (2)
Private John Johnston (3)
Private Robert Johnston
Drummer Thomas Johnston (1)
Private Thomas Johnston (2)
Corporal Evan Jones
Private Job Jones
Private John Jones
Private Thomas Jones
Sergeant Patrick Joyce



Private Moses Kane
Private Edward Kearney
Private John Keating
Private Thomas Keeling
Private John Keightley
Private Charles Kelly
Private Laurence Kelly
Private Michael Kelly (1)
Private Michael Kelly (2)
Private Thomas Kelly (1)
Private Thomas Kelly (2)
Corporal William Kelly
Sergeant Nicholas Kent
Private George Keysor
Private Robert Killpatrick
Captain James King
Private William King
Private John Kingston
Private James Kirk (1)
Private James Kirk (2)
Drummer Henry Knowles
Private Charles Knox



Private John Laird
Private John Lawless
Private Daniel Learey
Private Patrick Leary
Private Michael Leason
Private John Leasy
Private Roger Leonard
Private Thomas Leonard
Private James Lewis
Private James Lilly
Private James Lloyd
Private Patrick Lloyd
Private John Long
Private Richard Long
Corporal Roger Long
Drummer William Long
Private Jacob Lowars



Private Christopher Maddan
Private Nathaniel Maddan
Private John Maddin
Sergeant Howard Mahar
Private John Mallom
Private William Manning
Private John Marks
Private Joseph Martial
Private John Mathews
Private James Matthews
Private Martin Mayes
Private Patrick Mealew
Private Loughlin Mehan
Private Dennis Mehar
Private James Merritt
Private Joseph Merryfield
Private John Miller
Private John Milligan
Lieutenant James Moffett
Private John Monger
Private Thomas Monks
Lieutenant Henry Monro
Private Edward Montgomery
Private William Montgomery
Private William Mooney
Quarter Master Sergeant George Moore
Private James Moore
Private John Moore
Private Daniel Morgan
Corporal John Morgan (1)
Private John Morgan (2)
Private James Mullen
Sergeant John Mullen
Sergeant Arthur Murphy
Private John Murphy
Private Patrick Murphy
Private Thomas Murphy
Private Timothy Murphy, Senior
Private Timothy Murphy, Junior
Drummer Peter Murray
Private Thomas Murray



Private Edward McAlister
Sergeant Major Daniel McAlly
Drummer Daniel McArty
Private Daniel McCarthey
Private Jesse McCarty
Private Andrew McCasland
Private John McCormick (1)
Private John McCormick (2)
Private Samuel McCormick
Corporal William McCormick
Private Thomas McCuigo
Private John McCully
Private Archibald McDonald (1)
Private Archibald McDonald (2)
Private John McDonald
Private Maurice McDonald
Private Thomas McDonald
Corporal James McDonough
Private James McEnally
Private John McEnolty
Private Henry McFadin
Private Patrick McGee
Private Peter McGill
Private Gilbreath McGra
Private Patrick McGra
Private Patrick McGuire
Private Michael McKee
Private James McKewin
Private John McLaughlin (1)
Private John McLaughlin (2)
Private William McLaughlin
Private Loughlin McLean
Private James McLoughlin
Private Barnabas McMahon
Private Benjamin McMahon
Captain John McMahon
Private James McMullen
Drummer Robert McMullen
Private James McMurry
Private Malcolm McNeil
Private Archibald McNicoll
Private John McQuinn
Private John McVee



Corporal James Neal
Private Simon Neeves
Fifer William Neil (1)
Private William Neil (2)
Corporal Paul Newman
Private William Noonan
Private George North



Private John O'Brien
Private John O'Bryan
Private Aaron Octallon
Private John O'Neal
Corporal Edward O'Neil
Private John Osborn
Private John Oulden



Private Dennis Parkinson
Private John Parkinson
Private William Parks
Private John Parris
Private Benjamin Patterson
Private Samuel Patterson
Private Thomas Patterson
Private Thomas Pedly
Private John Pendleton
Private Nicholas Perch
Private John Peters
Corporal James Piert
Private Martin Pine
Private Thomas Pollard
Private William Pollard
Private Thomas Porter
Private John Porterfield
Private John Potter
Private William Pouge
Private Samuel Powell
Private John Prichard
Private Michael Prise
Lieutenant Thomas Proctor
Private John Prossor



Private John Quiars
Private James Quigley
Corporal Michael Quinn



Ensign Marcus Rainsford
Private James Rannels
Colonel Francis Lord Rawdon
Private Philip Reacy
Private Barnabas Read
Private John Read
Drummer William Reade
Private Cornelius Reagan
Private John Reardon
Private Edward Redfoot
Private Thomas Reid
Private John Reilly
Private John Reily, Senior
Private John Reily, Junior
Private John Reyly
Private Barney Rhearon
Private Henry Rhodes
Private James Richardson
Private Francis Riely
Private Michael Rigney
Private Bartholomew Riley
Private Philip Riley (1)
Private Philip Riley (2)
Sergeant James Roach
Private David Roberts
Private William Roberty
Private Adam Robinson
Private James Robinson
Private John Robinson
Private Nathaniel Robinson
Private John Rogers
Private Peter Rooney
Private William Rowe
Private Andrew Russell
Private William Russell
Private James Ryan
Private Miles Ryan



Private John Salmon
Ensign Henry Sargent
Private James Scanlan
Drummer Caleb Scott
Private John Scott
Private William Seals
Private George Seimister
Private Peter Shamore
Private John Shanaghan
Private Richard Sheppard
Private Jacob Sights
Private Alexander Simple
Private William Sittery
Private Andrew Skennell
Private John Sloane
Private John Smith (1)
Private John Smith (2)
Private Levi Smith
Corporal Richard Snell
Private Francis Snilman
Sergeant Thomas Softlow
Private John Stackpole
Private Peter Stafford
Sergeant Ephraim Stanford
Private William Stanford
Private George Stephens
Private James Stevens
Private Adam Stevenson
Private William Stewart
Private John Stokes
Private Matthew Stubbs
Private George Sullivan
Private John Sullivan
Private Michael Sullivan
Private Patrick Sullivan
Private Thomas Sullivan
Private John Sutton
Private Roger Sweeny



Private James Taylor
Private John Taylor
Private Samuel Taylor
Private Simon Taylor
Private James Templer
Private Colin Terrell
Private William Thomas
Piper Barney Thompson
Private Benjamin Thompson
Private Duncan Thompson
Ensign John Thompson
Private Thomas Thompson
Corporal William Thompson
Private Abraham Thorp
Private George Timothy
Private William Tingle
Private William Tobin
Private Thomas Toole (1)
Private Thomas Toole (2)
Private John Towers
Private Andrew Towin
Private John Treasy
Drummer William Tredle
Private Patrick Treynor
Private Tins Troy
Private William Turner



Lieutenant Charles Vallancy
Private David Vance
Private Nathaniel Vann
Private Henry Vaughan



Sergeant Joshua Wall
Private Thomas Wall
Private Thomas Wallace
Private Anthony Ward
Sergeant George Ward
Corporal Richard Ward
Private William Warnick
Private George Warren
Private Robert Webley
Private William Welch
Private Patrick Weldon
Sergeant Michael Wells
Private James Welsh
Corporal John Welsh
Private John Welsh, Senior
Private John Welsh, Junior
Private Joseph Welsh (1)
Private Joseph Welsh (2)
Drummer William Welsh
Private Bartholomew Wennard
Private Caleb White
Private John White
Sergeant Thomas White
Ensign Charles D. Whitley
Corporal Samuel Wier
Private Thomas Williams
Private Zachariah Willy
Ensign John Wilson (1)
Private John Wilson (2)
Private John Wilson (3)
Private Roger Woby



Private James Young
Private Nicholas Young