by Charles Baxley

1775 1776 1778 1779 1780 1781 1782


Cherokee Indian War


23-30 December 1775. Snow Campaign. Gen. Richard Richardson and Andrew Williamson campaign against the Cherokee Nation who were stirred into battle against South Carolina by the Shawneeb and other Northern Tribes.

22 December 1775 Cane Break (Great Cane Break). Snow Campaign.


27 February 1776. Battle of Moores Creek Bridge. Patriot militia under Gen. Richard Caswell and Col. Alexander Lillington defeat large group of Loyalist commanded by Gen. Donald McDonald about 20 miles North of Wilmington, N.C.

28 June 1776. British attack on Charleston Harbor and Ft. Moultrie. Gen. Clinton and Admiral Parker's unsuccessful combined land force on Long Island (now Isle of Palms, S. C.) and naval attack on Charleston Harbor defenses on Sullivans Island.

1776. Battle of Round Mountain (Warrior Mountain). Local militia defeat Cherokee Indians at their campsite after several Indian attacks on white settlers


31 July 1776. Fort Rutledge (Fort Salvador) -constructed on site of Cherokee village known as Seneca Old Town, or Essenecca, which was destroyed as a result of the death by ambush of Capt. Francis Salvador.

12 August 1776. First Battle of Tamassee or Ring Fight . Militia of General Andrew Pickens and Cherokee.

12 August 1776. Second Battle of Tamassee or Ring Fight. Gen. Andrew Pickens and S.C. Militia defeat the Cherokee Indians who were allied with the British.

19 September 1776. Battle at Black Hole of the Coweecho River Approximately 1000 Cherokee warriors ambushed S.C. Militia Gen. Williamson's 1800 men in the North Carolina mountains.


29 December 1778. British Attack and Capture of Savannah, Ga.



11-13 May 1779. Gen. Augustine Prevost unsuccessful siege of Charleston. After the fall of Savannah, Ga. Gen. Prevost attacks Charleston by land, but raises siege after only two days upon learning of the approach of Gen. Lincoln's Southern Army.

20 June 1779. Battle of the Stono River. On the North side of the Stono River, Gen. Benjamin Lincoln and the Southern Continental Army and South Carolina militia followed Gen. Augustine Prevost's army in their retreat towards Savannah where they engaged the British rear guard at Stono Ferry with heavy losses on both sides.

16 September- 19 October 1779. French and American unsuccessful siege of Savannah. A combined French and Ameriacn armys attack the city defenses of Savannah, Ga. Gen. Prevost successfully defended Savannah after bloody assaults on the cities defenses.


Siege of Charleston

29 March- 12 May 1780. Sir Henry Clinton's siege of Charleston. Gen. Clinton and British Southern Army land in Savannah to begin overland attack on Charleston combines withg naval attack.

14 April 1780. Battle of Moncks Corner. Lt. Col. Banastare Tarleton and Col. Patrick Ferguson routed Patriot forces under Gen. Isaac Huger and Col. William Washington who were guarding the Biggin Bridge over the Cooper River.

6 May 1780.Battle at Lenud's Ferry. On the South Santee River, Lt. Col. Banastare Tarleton and the British Legion defeat Col. Anthony White and his cavalry.


12 May 1780. Surrender of Southern Army at Charleston. Maj. Gen. Benjamin Lincoln, Commander of the Patriot Southern Army in Charleston, S.C. surrenders 5,000 Continental Line troops and S.C. and N.C. militia to Gen. Henry Clinton.

Camden Campaign

29 May 1780. Battle of the Waxhaws (Buford's Massacre). Lt. Col. Banaster Tarleton and his British Legion ride down and capture Virginia Continental detachment under the command of Col. Abraham Buford as they retreated to North Carolina.

2 June 1780. Battle of Beckhamville (Alexander's Old Field). Patriot McClure routes large force of Tories gathered North of Rocky Mount by _____; purported to be first patriot victory after fall of Charleston.

3 June 1780. Battle of Mobley's Meeting House. Capt. McClure and Col. Bratton disperse a meeting of Tories at the meetinghouse North of Winnsborough, S.C.

6 June 1780. Maj. Gen. Charles Cornwallis assumes command of the British Army in the South as Sir Henry Clinton sails back to New York.

8 June 1780. Brandon's Defeat. Patriot Brandon and his men scattered by British regulars and Tories.


18 June 1780. Hill's Iron Works. Iron works established by Col. William Hill and Isaac Hayne in the South Carolina backcountry in anticipation of the war, loyalist militia defeated and the iron works burned.

20 June 1780 and 21 July 1780. Ramsour's (Ramseur's or Ramsur's) Mill. General Rutherford's patriot militia surprise Tories at Colson's Ferry on the upper Catawba River.

12 July 1780. Huck's Defeat (Williamson's Plantation; Brattonville). Tory Capt. Christian Huck and detachment of Loyalist troops defeated at Williamson's Plantation by Patriot militia under Cols. William Bratton, William Hill, Edward Lacey, Andrew Neel and Capt. James McClure.

12 July 1780. Cedar Springs muster ground battle. Patriot victory.

12 July 1780. Fort Charlotte. Captured.

15 July 1780. Fort Prince, site of frontier fort, battle.

15 July1780. Battle of Earl's Ford

21 July 1780. Flat Rock Major Wm Richardson captures British supply convoy from Camden to Hanging Rock outpost as it crossed the Flat Rock about 16 miles North of Camden, S.C.


22 July 1780. Beaver Creek. Skirmish against Maj. William R. Davie after Flat Rock ambush of supply train and Tory escorts.

25 July 1780. Battle of Hunt's Bluff

25 July 1780. Maj. Gen. Horatio Gates assumes command of the Southern army from Maj. Gen. "Baron" Johannes deKalb at Buffalo Ford on the Deep River, N.C.

30 July 1780. Thicketty Fort -Tory Patrick Moore surrenders frontier fort to Patriot militia.

30 July 1780. Battle of Rocky Ford (Rocky Mount). Gen. Thomas Sumter with Cols. Bratton, Neal and Hill unsuccessful try to oust Lt. Col. George Turnbull and the Volunteers of New York, Loyalist Provincial soldiers, from fortified log outpost on the road West of the Catawba River at Rocky Mount, S.C.

30 July 1780. Hanging Rock I Maj. William Richardson Davie's successful cavalry raid on gathering of North Carolina loyalist commanded by Col. Samuel Bryan near the British outpost at Hanging Rock on the Camden to Waxhaws Road.


6 August 1780. Hanging Rock II Gen. Thomas Sumter and S.C. and N.C. militia successful raid on British outpost Commanded by Maj. John Carden.

8 August 1780. Wofford's Iron Works Battle. Tory Major Wm. Dunlap of Col. Patrick Ferguson's loyalist forces defeated by patriot forces commanded by Cols. Shelby, Clarke, and Graham.

August 1780. Hunt's Bluff -Patriots capture British flotilla of convalescent soldiers headed from Cheraw Court House, S.C. to Georgetown on the Pee Dee River.

11 August 1780. Little Lynches Creek Lord Rawdon's successful defense of ford from Gates' "Grand Army" advancing towards Camden, S.C.

12 August 1780. Meador's -Patriot Neale's militia defeated by Alexander Chesney's Tory militia.

15 August 1780. Wateree Ferry and Cary's Fort Col. Thomas Taylor's S.C. Militia capture of ferry and supplies being marshaled by Cornwallis at Camden.


16 August 1780. Battle of Camden (Gum Swamp) Gen. Gates "Grand Army" with N.C. and Va. militia soundly defeated by Lord Cornwallis with British Regulars and N.C. Loyalist after a night battle and dawn clash along the Waxhaw Road about 8 miles North of Camden, S.C.

18 August 1780 Battle of Fishing Creek -Lt. Col. Banastare Tarleton and his British Legion defeats Sumter's milita and Continental Line soldiers in surprise attack just North of Rocky Mount.

Backcountry in Civil War

18 August 1780. Musgrove Mill. Combined Patriot forces under Cols. Isaac Shelby, Elijah Clarke and James Williams defeated British under Loyalist Col. Alexander Innes.

12 September 1780. Cane Creek Col. McDowell's militiamen ambush Col. Patrick Ferguson's loyalist soldiers.

13 September 1781. Lindley's Mill (Cane Creek or Hillsboro). Unsuccessful attempt to recapture North Carolina Gov. Burke from Col. David Fanning and his Provencial Loyalist troops.


26 September 1780. Charlotte Town -Major Joseph Graham spurns numerous attacks by Cornwallis's army before abandoning the city.

7 October 1780. Battle of Kings Mountain. Militia from Western North Carolina (present East Tennessee), the "Over mountain men" and S. C. Militia surround and defeat Col. Patrick Ferguson and Tory militia who were camped atop Kings Mountain, S.C.

14 October 1780 Battle of Shallow Ford Tory militia defeated by Patriots near ford crossing the Yadkin.

9 November 1780 Battle of Fishdam Ford British troops were led in a surprise attack by British Major Wemyss against Gen. Thomas Sumter's S. C. militia camp on the Broad River, trying to appease the South Carolina backcountry and end Patriot resistance; Maj. Wemyss was wounded and the British detachment defeated

20 November 1780 Blackstock's Lt. Col. Tarleton's Legion attacked a large S. C. militia under Gen. Sumter on the Tyger River and defeated with heavy losses.

2 December 1780 Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Greene, "The Fighting Quaker" assumes command of the Southern Army at Charlotte, N.C.


4 December 1780 Rugeley's Fort (Mills) Col. William Washington's cavalry captures Tory stronghold on the Waxhaw Road between Camden and Hanging Rock with a "Quaker Gun".

12 December 1780 Battle of Long Cane Patriot Cols. Elijah Clarke and James McCall with 100 Patriots is defeated by a 500 man Tory and British force commanded by Lt. Col. Isaac Allen.

30 December 1780 Hammond's Store Col. William Washington and his cavalry with Col. James McCall routed 200 Georgia loyalist under Col. Thomas Waters gathered at Hammond's Store.

31 December 1780 Battle of Williams Plantation on Mudlick Creek.



17 January 1781 Battle of Cowpens Gen. Daniel Morgan's brilliant defeat of Lt. Col. Banastare Tarleton, the British Legion and British regular troops at the Cowpens near the NC line.

Gen. Greene's Race to the Dan

1 February 1781 Cowan's (Cawan's) Ford Cornwallis's army successfully crosses the Catawba, defeating North Carolina militia guarding the fords. Gen. Davidson is killed defending the fords.

17 February 1781 Hart's Mill Skirmish. Gen. Joseph Graham's militia attacked British guard on the Eno River.

19-21 February 1781 Fort Granby I Patriot siege of fort at the Congaree River ferry, South of Cayce, SC

23 February 1781 Pyle's Defeat (Pyles's Massacre). Lt. Col. "Light Horse" Harry Lee's Legion capture of North Carolina Tories under Col. Pyle reporting to Lord Cornwallis.

7 March 1781 Battle of Williams Fort on Mudlick Creek.


15 March 1781 Battle of New Garden -skirmish between Lee and Tarleton on British Army's approach to Guilford Court House.

15 March 1781 Battle of Guilford Court House. Large battle between the main Southern Armies as Gen. Greene turned to face Gen Cornwallis at Guilford Court House.

Greene's Recapture of South Carolina

23 March 1781 Beattie's Mill. Col. Elijah Clarke routed a British foraging party

March 1781 Skirmish at Dutchman's Creek. Lord Rawdon in Camden sends Tories to pursue a newly formed body of Patriot Militia. 18 Patriots killed, 18 taken prisoner.

10 April 1781 Waxhaw Church Attacked by British dragoons; Presbyterian meeting house for Patriots on the Waxhaw Road to Charlotte, N.C. was burned.


15-23 April 1781 Siege of Fort Watson Col. Francis Marion and his S.C. Militia and Col. "Light Horse" Harry Lee's cavalry captured the garrison at Fort Watson, built atop an old Indian mound on the East bank of the Santee River.

25 April 1781 Battle of Hobkirk Hill Gen. Greene's fight against Lord Rawdon's garrison at Camden, S.C.

10 May 1781 Lord Francis Rawdon abandons Camden.

11 May 1781 Orangeburg, S.C. surrender British garrison of Orangeburg, S.C. surrendered to Gen. Thomas Sumter and S.C. Militia.

8-12 May 1781 Seige of Fort Motte Col. Francis Marion and his S.C. Militia and Col. "Light Horse" Harry Lee's cavalry captured the garrison at Fort Motte, built around a home owned by Rebecca Motte on the Charleston Road South of McCord's Ferry over the Congaree River.

19-21 May 1781 Fort Galphin (Fort Dreadnought) Patriots under Capt. John Randolph of Lee's Legion capture British fort on the South Carolina side of the Savannah River, downstream of Augusta, Georgia and provisions.


22 May 1781 Battle of Bush River

Siege of Ninety-Six.

22 May to 18 June 1781 Greene's army unsuccessfully lays siege to British fort at 96, but unable to force defenders to surrender.

15 May 1781 Fort Granby II Col. Henry Lee with his Legion accepted surrender of Maj. Andrew Maxwell commander of Fort Granby on the Congaree River near Cayce, S.C.

May/June 1781 Cedar Creek/Muddy Springs Running battle between Capt. Livingson's Tories and Col Richard Hampton's Patriots.

23 May to 5 June 1781 Seige of Augusta, Ga. Col. Lee and his legion with S.C. militia Col. Andrew Pickens and Georgia militia Col. Elijah Clarke take two British Forts and free Augusta, Georgia.

18 June 1781 Juniper Spring Col. Mydelton's soldiers ambushed by British foragers.


29 June 1781 British evacuation of Ninety-Six.

17 July 1781 Pittsboro. Col. David Fanning's Tory raid on Chatham Court House.

July 1781 Alston House (House in the Horseshoe). Col. David Fanning's attack on Alston's home.

15 August 1781 Skirmish at Wetzall's (Weitzel's or Wetzell's) Mills. American forces stop Cornwallis's troops from crossing the Reedy Fork Creek.

5 or 6 September 1781 Battle of Turkey Creek Hezekiah Williams attacked a Patriot patrol.

6 September 1781 Battle of Stevens Creek Skirmish between Hezekiah Williams Tory force and Patriot Major Hugh Middleton.


8 September 178 Battle of Eutaw Springs (1) General Greene's army engaged the British Camp commanded by Maj. John Majorbanks on Eutaw Springs on the South side of the Santee River.

3 October 1781 Pratt's Mill Cunningham surprises Patriots stationed at the mill.

19 October 1781 Cornwallis Surrenders at Yorktown, Va. Maj. Gen. Charles Cornwallis surrendered the Southern British Army to a combined French naval and land force and Gen. George Washington's Army.

6 November 1781 Hollow Creek Skirmishes . Skirmish between men of Col. Cruger and Patriot Col. John Hampton.

16 November 1781 Tarrar's Spring Patriot Capt. James Butler surprised Tory foragers

17 November 1781 Cloud's Creek (Cloud's Creek Massacre) Loyalist Col. "Bloody Bill" Cunningham kills all but two patriots (escaped) after brief skirmish.


18 November 1781 British Evacuation of Wilmington, N.C.

19 November 1781 Hayes's Station Massacre Loyalist Col. "Bloody Bill" Cunningham attacked Col. Hayes' fortified home burned the home and killed all defenders.


24 May 1782 Dean Swamp (Battle of John Town) )-Patriots route Tory force lead by Cunningham.

11 July 1782 British Evacuation of Savannah

14 December 1782 British Evacuation of Charleston

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