Comments on Uniform of Royal NC Regiment
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Comments on Uniform of Royal NC Regiment

NOTE: These comments are discussion of this source by individual members of the history committee and do not represent consensus of the committee, nor necessarily the final conclusions of the member making the comments.

John Robertson:

John Thornton, jtcarolina.rr:, RNCR re-enactor.

As to our uniform, currently it is based on secondary sources, and we're trying to track down the primary source referred to by the secondary. A German officer, Weiderhold, describes the uniform of the surrendered troops at Yorktown- White trousers, red coat, blue facings, white waistcoat, round hat (presumably left-cocked).

To this, we add the standard British issue "stand-of-arms" of a Musket, bayonet, shoulder frog for bayonet, shoulder cartouche box holding 18 cartridges. I can show an issue of theses items to our unit after the fall of Charleston.

As we portray a Light Company, our leather is black. Our Battalion companies would have had white leather, or possibly brown. Half gaiters were issued for warm weather, and the Charleston Stores show a supply of "leggins" that may have been issued for cold weather.

Unfortunately, for Provincial troops, the research is thin; There is a lot we DON'T know- we KNOW that RNCR wore redcoats when the light companies surrendered at Yorktown. Did they have redcoats the year before at Camden? No telling, different uniform issue year. Could have been red, green, or just civilian clothing- We have chosen to wear redcoats as we can point to one date, and say it is correct. Still trying to pinpoint earlier sources that may mention a uniform for us.