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11/7/2002camdenasize.pdfPCF map of easement area [CBB]
20/9/2002carrington.pdfPDF of images of original Carrington text. [JAR]
17/9/2003chesney.pdfExc. from Alex. Chesney's Journal ref B. of Camden[BM]
25/7/2002cornw_aug1780.pdfCornwallis' order of August 1780 [J.Craig]
31/7/2002cornwallis2germain.pdfCornwallis' report of victory to Germain [L.Babits]
29/7/2002fifthmr.pdf5th MD Regt at Guilford CH; study in hist. accuracy[LB]
4/8/2002gates082080.pdfGates ltr to Pres of Congress 20 Aug 1780 [LB]
1/8/2002jmartin.pdfJosias Martin letter to Cornwallis [L.Babits]
17/9/2003johnson.pdfExc. from Diary of Uzal Johnson ref B. of Camden [BM]
28/11/2002jstevens.pdfJohn A. Stevens 1880 article
6/8/2002mcalpine.pdfLt McAlpine papers [Todd Braisted]
11/7/2003nps7881.pdfNPS map of South 1778-1781
11/7/2003npsbritna1775.pdfNPS Brit. N. America in 1775
4/8/2002ohwms.pdfOtho H. Williams account of the battle [L.Babits]
17/10/2002tarleton.pdfTarleton's account of the Battle of Camden [L.Babits]

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