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24/2/2003&c.gifAmpersand-C ("Etc.") for main menu
26/11/20011773sc.jpgCooks 1773 map of SC [Steven Coker/JAR]
6/1/20031779nc.jpg1779 NC AniMap
14/6/20001825kershaw3.jpgMills c1820 map of Kershaw District [Steven Coker/JAR]
6/10/200223rd30July1780.gifOfficer roster for 23rd Rgt 30 June 1780 [CBB]
6/10/200233rd30July1780.gifOfficer roster 33rd Rgt 30 June 1780 [CBB]
6/10/200271st1st30July1780.gifOfficer roster 71st Rgt 1st Batt. 30 June 1780 [CBB]
6/10/200271st2nd30July1780.gifOfficer roster 71st Rgt 30 June 1780 [CBB]
6/7/2002aerialtopo.gifCalvin Keys combo aerial & topo map of Camden site
13/5/2003anderson01.jpgThos. Anderson journal, cont., image 1
13/5/2003anderson02.jpgThos. Anderson journal, cont., file 2
13/5/2003anderson03.jpgThos. Anderson journal, cont., image file 3
12/7/2002animap.jpgAnimap map showing local SC districts in 1780 [JAR]
10/9/2002awc-cam-a.jpgLanders map of camp at Rugeleys [JAR]
10/9/2002awc-cam-b.jpgPresent view of Rugeley's 1929 [JAR]
10/9/2002awc-cam-c.jpg1929 house on site of Rugeley's home [JAR]
10/9/2002awc-cam-d.jpgTree atop hill at Rugeley's 1929 [JAR]
10/9/2002awc-cam-e.jpgGum Swamp 1929 [JAR]
10/9/2002awc-cam-f.jpgSanders Creek 1929 [JAR]
10/9/2002awc-cam-g.jpgLanders' map of Battle of Camden [CBB/JAR]
10/9/2002awc-cam-h.jpgDeKalb monument, Camden, 1929 [JAR]
19/7/2002balls.gifArtifact images: rifle and musket balls [Calvin Keys]
1/6/2002barrette.gifBarret�'s battle map [C. Baxley]
19/7/2002blades.gifArtifact images: blades [Calvin Keys]
10/10/2002britrgts1780a.gifTitle page (transp), Brit. officer list June 1780[CBB]
19/7/2002buckles.gifArtifact images: buckles [Calvin Keys]
19/7/2002buttons.gifArtifact images: buttons [Calvin Keys]
6/7/2002calvink.gifCalvin Keys battle map, 1990
21/7/2002camden_header2.gifBattle scene on main page header [JAR]
19/7/2002camden_ir.gifInfra-red image of battle area [CBB]
18/7/2002camden100.jpg1:100K topo map of battle areas [JAR]
18/7/2002camden24.jpg1:24k topo map of battle areas [JAR]
21/7/2002camden250.jpg1:250k topo map of battle areas [JAR]
13/8/2002camdenhm.jpgCurrent historical road marker at battle site [JAR]
13/8/2002camdennhl.jpgFull view National Historic Landmark marker [JAR]
13/8/2002camdennhl2.jpgFaceplate: National Historic Landmark marker [JAR]
8/9/2002carrington.gifCarrington's battle map [CBB/JAR]
11/9/2002carrington_map.gifCarrington battle map as shown in chapr from book[JAR]
11/9/2002carrington_title.gifCarrington title page (transp) as seen in chap [JAR]
20/9/2002caswell.jpgColor portrait of Richard Caswell [JAR]
20/7/2002cornwallisreturn.jpgImage of Cornwallis 'return' after B of Camden [CBB]
26/10/2002cornwtrav.jpgCornwallis/Greene in South
18/9/2002culbertson.jpgCulbertson grave mark as seen with pens stmt [RP]
23/1/2003davie.gifWilliam Richardson Davie
23/1/2003davie.jpgWilliam Richardson Davie
23/1/2003davie1798-99.jpgWilliam Richardson Davie, 1798-9
23/1/2003davie2.gifWilliam Richardson Davie (transparent bg)
25/1/2003de_roster01.jpgLetter from Ralph D. Nelson, Jr, DESSAR
25/1/2003de_roster02.jpgDE Archives, Military, Vol. 1, title page
25/1/2003de_roster03.jpgDE Roster, p.115
25/1/2003de_roster04.jpgDE Roster, p.116
25/1/2003de_roster05.jpgDE Roster, p.117
25/1/2003de_roster06.jpgDE Roster, p.118
25/1/2003de_roster07.jpgDE Roster, p.119
25/1/2003de_roster08.jpgDE Roster, p.120
25/1/2003de_roster09.jpgDE Roster, p.121
25/1/2003de_roster10.jpgDE Roster, p.122
1/2/2003de_roster10a.jpgDE Roster, p.122, landscape
24/10/2002debrahm1757.gifsnippet from DeBrahm, William, 1757
31/1/2003dekalbgist.jpgDeKalb, Gist, LaFayette
13/8/2002dekalbmkr.jpgCurrent view of DeKalb marker at battle site [JAR]
17/9/2002dememorial.jpgDE memorial plaque at RW Park, Quaker Cmty. [JAR]
13/9/2002desbarres.jpgDesBarres map of battle
11/2/2003duke2.jpgDuke Cumberland roster?
13/7/2002ed_barron_map.jpgEd. Barron's map of the battle [C.Keys]
26/10/2002fadencornw.jpgFaden: Marches of Cornwallis in South
9/11/2002fadencornw2.jpgFaden: Cornwallis in S. (smaller)
17/9/2002fadenj_1.jpgFaden's pen&ink battle map
1/10/2002finnegan.jpgBattle map by Lt. Finnegan (unreadable)
17/11/2002gates2.gifLossing pic of Gates used in Stevens art. (transp)
17/12/2003gates2greene.jpgGates trasfer of command to Greene, Charlotte
12/9/2002gatesroute.gifK&K map of Gates route [JAR]
12/9/2002gatesroute2.gifK&K Gates route, refurbished by JR
14/9/2002gatesroute4.gifGates route as seen in chapter from K&K book [JAR]
10/9/2002gumswamp.jpgGum Swamp, Benson Lossing, 1849 [Bill Carr
19/7/2002guns.gifArtifact images: guns [Calvin Keys]
10/9/2002hangingrock.jpgHanging Rock, Benson Lossing, 1849 [Bill Carr]
23/7/2002headertext1a.gifLeft header text, main page [JAR]
23/7/2002headertext2a.gifRight header text, main page [JAR
18/7/2002histmarker.jpgOld view of historical road marker at battle site[CBB]
5/10/2002johnson.gifTitle page of Wm. Johnson (O.H. Wms. narrative) [JAR]
19/8/2002josiaschall.gifImage of printed vers. of Josias C. Hall letter [CBB]
17/11/2002jstevens2.gifStevens article header (transparent)Hall letter [CBB]
17/11/2002jstevensmap2.gifStevens article map (transparent)
25/7/2002kalb.jpgB&w image of De Kalb [JAR]
25/7/2002kennedy.jpgKirkland & Kennedy battle map [CBB/JAR]
13/9/2002kkcamden156a.gifCamden etching as seen in chap. from K&K book [JAR]
14/9/2002kkgates2.gifGates pic as seen in chap. from K&K book [JAR]
13/9/2002kktitle.gifTitle page of K & K, "H Camden" as seen in chap. [JAR]
6/7/2002landers.gifLanders' battle map [CBB/JAR]
24/7/2003lord1a.jpgView of Cornwallis' tomb, Gazipur India
6/9/2002lossing.gifBenson Lossing battle map [CBB/Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing01.jpgLossing: view at Cherokee Ford, 1849 [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing02.jpgLossing: Mountain gorge nr. Cherokee Fd, 1849 [B.Carr]
9/9/2002lossing03.jpgLossing: Great falls of the Catawba, 1849 [B.Carr]
9/9/2002lossing04.jpgLossing: Rocky Mount, 1849 [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing05.jpgLossing: Appearance of the road, 1849 [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing06.jpgLossing: Anvil rock, 1849 [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing07.jpgLossing: Hanging rock, 1849 [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing08.jpgLossing: View at Rugeley's Mill site, 1849 [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing09.jpgLossing: View at Rugeley's, 1849 [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing10.jpgLossing: View at Rugeley's, 1849 [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing11.jpgLossing: View at Gum Swamp, 1849 [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing12.jpgLossing: View at Sanders Creek, 1849 [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing13.jpgLossing: Baron de Kalb [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing14.jpgLossing: De Kalb's monument [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing15.jpgLossing: Signature of William Clajon [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing16.jpgLossing: General Horatio Gates [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing17.jpgLossing: Mordecai Gist [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing18.jpgLossing: Battle map as seen in chapter [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing19.jpgLossing: William Smallwood [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing20.jpgLossing: Abner Nash signature [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing21.jpgLossing: Abner Nash's monument [Bill Carr]
9/9/2002lossing22.jpgLossing: Edward Buncombe's signature [Bill Carr]
10/9/2002lossing23.jpgLossing: example of parole and countersign
10/9/2002lossing24.jpgLossing: View at spring, Hobkirks Hill, 1849[Bill Carr]
10/9/2002lossing25.jpgLossing: Lord Rawdon from an English print [Bill Carr]
10/9/2002lossing26.jpgLossing: map of Hobkirk Hill battle [Bill Carr]
25/7/2003lwschrlesmil2003.jpgTo be determined
18/8/2002mc_esky.jpgMoonCalc: Eastern sky image [JAR]
18/8/2002mc_moon.jpgMoonCalc: image of moon [JAR]
18/8/2002mc_ohd.jpgMoonCalc image: overhead [JAR]
17/9/2002mdmemorial.jpgMD memorial plaque, RW Park, Quaker Cmty.[JAR]
17/9/2002meritmedal.jpgMedal of Merit, awarded by Lord Rawdon [CK/MMcG/CBB]
22/11/2000millssc1825.jpgSC, 1825 Mills Atlas [Steven Coker/JAR]
27/9/2002mouzon.jpgMouzon map. 6mb! [South Caroliniana]
26/9/2001new.gif"New" icon.
6/7/2002olive_sketch.gif"Olive Sketch" battle map [CBB]
5/4/1999parch.jpgParchment background used for most pages
13/7/2003pinckney.jpgThomas Pinckney
7/1/2003qmark.gifQuestion mark icon to mark entries needing sources
7/1/2003qmark2.gifQuestion mark icon to mark entries needing souces
7/1/2003qmark2.jpgQuestion mark icon to mark entries needing sources
7/1/2003qmark3.gifQuestion mark icon to mark entries needing sources
13/1/2003register.gifAnnual Register title page, 1780
13/1/2003register2.gifAnnual Register title page, 1780, transparent bg
16/10/2002revolutionary_war_052.jpgLarge version of Camden Battle etching
16/10/2002revolutionary_war_079.jpgLarge image of Gate
10/9/2002rugeleysmap.jpgLanders map of camp at Rugeley's [CBB/JAR]
17/9/2002rwmemorial.jpgRW memorial plaque, RW Park, Quaker Cmty[JAR]
17/9/2002rwmemorial2.jpgRW memorial plaque #2, RW Park, Quaker Cmty[JAR]
17/9/2002rwpark.jpgRW memorial plaque #2, RW Park, Quaker Cmty[JAR]
18/7/2002s&tcamdenproj.jpgMS Streets & Trips map of battle area [JAR]
10/9/2002sanderscreek.jpgLossing: Sanders Creek, larger for printing [Bill Carr]
6/1/2001scroads2000.jpgSC highways, 2000 [Pat Ruff, Cowpens NB]
17/11/2002senf.gifSenf map in Stevens article (transparent)
25/7/2002senf.jpgSenf's map of the battle [J.Legg/G.Fields]
26/9/2002senf2.jpgCleaned-up" version of Senf battle map
23/10/2002seymourcover.gifMag. cover for Seymour journal (transparent)
6/1/2003shaw_orig_title.gifJohn Robert Shaw title page, transparent bg
6/1/2003shawself.gifJohn Robert Shaw, self-image, transparent bg
19/7/2002shot.gifArtifacts images: shot [Calvin Keys]
10/9/2002site_ruguleys.jpgLossing: Site at Rugeley's, lgr for printing [B.Carr]
11/9/2002south78_81.jpgMap, Southern area, 1778-1781 [JAR]
17/11/2002stedman.gifStedman's map in Stevens article (transparent)
25/7/2002stedman.jpgStedman's map of the battle [J.Legg]
29/11/2002stedman2.jpgStedman's battle map as used with his chapter [CBB]
10/10/2002stedtitle.gifStedman's title page as used with chapter [J.Legg]
17/9/2002stoneinwoods.jpgAn old discarded stone in woods behind DeKalb mkr[JAR]
6/7/2002tarlhist.gifBattle map from Tarleton's "History" [CBB/JAR]
18/2/2003th_23rdmuseum.jpgThumbnail: 23rd museum, uniform
12/2/2003th_23rdrgt.jpgThumbnail, 23rd Rgt, old uniform
12/2/2003th_33rd.jpgThumbnail, 33rd Rgt, uniform
12/2/2003th_71st.jpgThumbnail, 71st Rgt., old uniform
29/8/2002th_armand.jpgThumbnail, Charles Armand
12/2/2003th_artillery.jpgThumbnail, Continental Artillery, uniform
6/9/2002th_barrette.jpgThumbnail, Barret�'s battle map
6/9/2002th_barron.jpgThumbnail, Barron's battle map
12/2/2003th_britlegion.jpgThumbnail, British Legion, dragoon uniform
6/9/2002th_calvink.jpgThumbnail, Calvin Keys' battle map
22/7/2002th_camden.jpgThumbnail, Camden battle scene
13/8/2002th_camdenhm.jpgThumbnail, state historical highway marker
13/8/2002th_camdennhl.jpgThumbnail, nat. hist. landmark marker
13/8/2002th_camdennhl2.jpgThumbnail, nat. hist. landmark marker, closeup
8/9/2002th_carrington.jpgThumbnail, Carrington's battle map
22/9/2002th_caswell.jpgThumbnail, Richard Caswell color image
23/7/2002th_cornwallis2.gifThumbnail, Cornwallis portrait
28/1/2003th_davie.jpgThumbnail, William R. Davie
13/2/2003th_dehaslet.jpgThumbnail, DE Haslet uniform
22/7/2002th_dekalb.jpgThumbnail, DeKalb statue
31/1/2003th_dekalbgist.jpgThumbnail, DeKalb, LaFayette, Gist
13/8/2002th_dekalbmkr.jpgThumbnail, DeKalb marker
13/9/2002th_desbarres.jpgThumbnail, DesBarres map of battle
17/9/2002th_fadenj_1.jpgThumbnail, Faden's pen&ink battle map
1/10/2002th_finnegan.jpgThumbnail, Battle map by Lt. Finnegan
13/12/2002th_francisco.jpgThumbnail, Peter Francisco
12/9/2002th_gatesroute.jpgThumbnail, K&K map of Gates route
25/7/2002th_gist2.jpgThumbnail, Gist portrait
10/9/2002th_gumswamp.jpgThumbnail, Gum Swamp, Benson Lossing
12/2/2003th_hallrgt.jpgThumbnail, DE Hall's Rgt
22/7/2002th_hanger.jpgThumbnail, George Hange
10/9/2002th_hangrock.jpgThumbnail, Hanging Rock, Benson Lossing
22/7/2002th_historicalmkr.jpgThumbnail, state historical highway marker
6/9/2002th_kennedy.jpgThumbnail, Kirkland & Kennedy battle map
7/9/2002th_landers.jpgThumbnail, Landers' battle map
12/2/2003th_light_inf.jpgThumbnail, Continental Light Infantry uniform
19/9/2002th_longleafpine.jpgThumbnail, long-leaf pine
6/9/2002th_lossing.gifThumbnail, Benson Lossing battle map
12/2/2003th_md_unif.jpgThumbnail, MD uniform
17/9/2002th_medal.jpgThumbnail, Rawdon's medal of merit
12/2/2003th_militia.jpgThumbnail, militia uniform
22/7/2002th_monument.jpgThumbnail, DeKalb monument at battle site
9/9/2002th_null.jpgThumbnail, "null" (blank filler for table)
6/9/2002th_olive.jpgThumbnail, "Olive Sketch" battle map
6/9/2002th_overlay.jpgThumbnail, CK battle map with topo overlay
23/7/2002th_pinckney.jpgThumbnail, Thomas Pinckney
23/7/2002th_rawdon.jpgThumbnail, Rawdon portrait
10/9/2002th_rugmap.jpgThumbnail, Landers map of camp at Rugeley's
17/9/2002th_rwpark.jpgThumbnail, RW Park, Quaker Cmty
10/9/2002th_sanders.jpgThumbnail, Lossing: Sanders Creek
6/9/2002th_senf.jpgThumbnail, Senf battle map
26/9/2002th_senf2.jpgThumbnail, Cleaned-up" version of Senf battle map
6/1/2003th_shaw.jpgThumbnail, John Robert Shaw, uniform
10/9/2002th_site_rug.jpgThumbnail, Lossing: Site at Rugeley's
11/9/2002th_south78_81.jpgThumbnail, Map, Southern area, 1778-1781
26/7/2002th_spaight.jpgThumbnail, Spaight portrait
6/9/2002th_stedman.jpgThumbnail, Stedman's map of the battle
17/9/2002th_stoneinwoods.jpgThumbnail, old discarded stone in woods
13/12/2002th_sumter.jpgThumbnail, Thos. Sumter
9/9/2002th_tarleton.jpgThumbnail, Tarleton portrait
6/9/2002th_tarlhist.jpgThumbnail, Battle map from Tarleton's "History"
12/9/2002th_unk_map.jpgThumbnail, ? map
13/9/2002th_vallancy.jpgThumbnail, Vallancy's battle map
10/9/2002th_view_rug.jpgThumbnail, Lossing: View @ Rugeley's
19/2/2003th_williamson.jpgThumbnail, Hugh Williamson
16/7/2002transoverlaymap.jpgCalvin Keys battle map with topo overlay
7/1/2003unknown.gifQuestion mark icon, for possible use
16/9/2002vallancy.jpgVallancy's battle map
14/9/2002vallancy2.jpgVallancy's battle map with topo overlay
10/9/2002view_rugeley.jpgLossing: View @ Rugeley's, larger for printing [B.Carr]
13/10/2002wc.gifWeb-counter icon
30/11/2002whitfield10.jpgB. Whitfield: West of battle site markers, 1979
30/11/2002whitfield11.jpgB.Whitfield: View south from Battle field markers, 1979
22/9/2002whitfield5.jpgB.Whitfield: Original stone tablet over De Kalb's grave
30/11/2002whitfield6.jpgB.Whitfield: De Kalb monument, 1979
30/11/2002whitfield7.jpgB.Whitfield: De Kalb battlefield marker, 1979
22/9/2002whitfield8.jpgB.Whitfield: 1956 aerial photo of battle site area
30/11/2002whitfield9.jpgB.Whitfield: View east of battle site markers, 1979

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