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Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 10:32 PM
Subject: [Provincial Guides & Pioneers muster]

Hello Charles

Here is what I have for the Guides & Pioneers. Please make sure this is the name of the corps used. They were a Provincial regiment; there was no corps of "British Pioneers."

1st Lieutenant Angus McDONALD (Wounded in the battle)
Sergeant Samuel GRANT (his was the pension I sent you)


  • George BERRY
  • Ichabod BETTS
  • Patrick BOYLE
  • John FERRIS
  • William FITZPATRICK (Dead August 1780)
  • Richard GREEN (Deserted August 1780)
  • Charles JAMES (Dead August 1780)
  • Hugh LEONARD
  • Cornelius McALPINE
  • James McCOOMBS
  • Jeremiah NICHOLS
  • Thomas RICE
  • Solomon SILAS
  • John VAUGHAN
  • Isaac WELSH (Dead August 1780)
  • James WOOLER
  • Robert WRIGHT

Source: "State of the men belonging to the Corps of Guides and Pioneers under the Command of Lieut. Angus McDonald from the 15th May 1780 to the 5th March 1781 when they were delivered to Lieut. Ebenezer Brown at Hillsborough N. Carolina." Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/9902.

The muster rolls of the corps though list six more privates with McDonald. I have not listed two of them, as they deserted in May of 1780. The other four, according to the muster rolls, are:


  • John CANE
  • John HOWELL
  • Kenneth McKENZIE
  • James MOORE

Sources: Muster Rolls of Captain John Aldington's, Peter McPherson's and William McAlpine's Companies of the Guides & Pioneers, from 25 October 1780 to 24 December 1780. National Archives of Canada, RG 8, "C" Series, Volume 1888.

Captain William McAlpine and his servant, Private Lewis Peaw were also in South Carolina at the time, but he was sick in Charlestown since the time of the siege, and only there to recover his health.

Also, here are the Christian names & some info on some of the officers you have listed for the British:

  • Ensign Henry BOWEN, 16th Regiment of Foot, Light Infantry Company.
  • Colonel Samuel BRYAN was commandant of the North Carolina Volunteers.
  • Surgeon Colin CHISHOLM of the 71st Regiment.
  • Lieutenant Jeremiah DONOVAN, British Legion, Infantry.
  • Captain John DOYLE, Volunteers of Ireland, Major of Brigade.
  • Major Richard ENGLAND.
  • Lieutenant Hugh GILLESPIE, Volunteers of Ireland.
  • Lieutenant (not Major) Henry HALDANE, Corps of Engineers.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Commandant (Commandant is the proper term for any of these officers commanding regiments, not Commander) John HAMILTON, Royal North Carolina Regiment.
  • Major George HANGER, British Legion, Cavalry. (not commander.)
  • 1st Lieutenant Angus McDONALD, Guides & Pioneers (see above.)
  • Lieutenant John McLEOD, Royal Artillery (not Britih Artillery.)
  • 1st Lieutenant William MARQUOIS, Royal Artillery, Died 15 October 1780.
  • Captain John MANLEY, 33rd Regiment of Foot, Major of Brigade.
  • Lieutenant Donald McALPINE... (I sent you his memorial some time ago.)
  • (The Field Return of the battle shows no field officer of the 71st present. Should LTC Alexander McDONALD be listed here?)
  • Colonel Francis, Lord RAWDON, Volunteers of Ireland.
  • Ensign John SHAW, Royal North Carolina Regiment.
  • (Charles STEDMAN I believe was in the Commissary General's Department, not a colonel.)
  • Ensign John THOMPSON, Volunteers of Ireland.
  • Ensign Charles D. WHITLEY, Volunteers of Ireland.

I have started working on the Volunteers of Ireland from the muster rolls, but that will take some time.

Todd W. Braisted