Website Editorial Policy. Project to obtain Park at site of Battle of Camden SC 16 August 1780 ("Gates' Defeat").

Editorial Comment Regarding This Website

  • My name is John Robertson and I am the editor of this website.

  • I maintain this site on my own time on webspace obtained at my personal expense.

  • This website is intended to support the project to obtain and develop a public visitation area on the site of the "Battle Near Camden", 16 August 1780.

  • As editor of this website, I have elected to include materials that I consider to be of interest, and which I believe will serve to elicit the interest and support of the public. I alone accept responsibilty for the selection of this material.

  • Although some items included and publicly accessible on this website are contributed by members of the committee (and they are truly appreciated), the History Sub-Committee for the project is not responsible for the overall editorial policy of this site.

  • Publicly accessible matter on this website is, and will continue to be, at my discretion.

  • As a service to the History Sub-Committee, of which I am a member, and which has my total support, I will provide private access to committee members to materials of common interest to the committee when advised that submitted materials should be treated in such fashion. Any member of the committee, when submitting material, may request that it receive such special handling.