Wartime Dakota returns to the drop zones...

I was able to return to Arnhem again this year, this time with some friends. We spent the weekend looking round the battlefields and attending some of the ceremonies and events. It was great to see so many people, and especially so many veterans, making it once more a memorable occasion. Thanks to: Gary, Meurig and the two Davids!

Below are some selected photos from the weekend. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Paul Reed
September 2005

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Photo Album - Arnhem September 2005

2005arnhem01.JPG (94632 bytes) On Saturday 17th September a commemorative jump was made onto DZ Y at Ginkel Heath. Paratroopers from several nationalities made the drop, including the entire 4th (V) Bn Parachute Regiment. Many people attended the event.
2005arnhem02.JPG (30946 bytes) Parachutists descend on DZ Y.
2005arnhem03.JPG (86770 bytes) A Chelsea Pensioner talks to a fellow Airborne veteran.
2005arnhem04.JPG (99341 bytes) Veterans old and new.
2005arnhem05.JPG (31708 bytes) A moving site was the wartime Dakota dropping men over the old DZ. 
2005arnhem06.JPG (29579 bytes) The 4th (V) Bn Parachute Regiment make their drop from a C130.
2005arnhem07.JPG (145286 bytes) Lone piper on Ginkel Heath.
2005arnhem08.JPG (111647 bytes) The vehicle rally at Hartenstein: a 'Don R' arrives.
2005arnhem09.JPG (170057 bytes) Re-enactors in front of the Hartenstein Hotel.
2005arnhem10.JPG (172746 bytes) An Airborne chaplain.
2005arnhem11.JPG (135159 bytes) A rare Schwimmwagen was one of only two German vehicles at the event.
2005arnhem12.JPG (146887 bytes) Airborne jeeps.
2005arnhem13.JPG (161994 bytes) A reconstruction of one of the AFPS men: very well done in my opinion.
2005arnhem14.JPG (181610 bytes) South Staffs Airborne jeep.
2005arnhem15.JPG (136315 bytes) Jeeps on the move in Oosterbeek again.
2005arnhem16.JPG (120870 bytes) Oosterbeek church in the Sunday morning sunshine.

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