6th June 1944

Memorial to the Green Howards, Crépon.


Commanding Officer – Lt Col P.H.Richardson


6th June 1944

B & D Companies beached [Gold Beach - King sector].

C & A Companies, Battalion HQ landed under mortar fire.

Grass fires were burning behind the beach. Landed on the road leading to Ver-sur-Mer. Advanced through Ver-sur-Mer and found the village clear of the enemy. B, D & A Companies took the road to Crépon to attack the battery positions near Ver-sur-Mer, and it appeared out of action. 40-50 POWs were taken by C Company. Other companies were meeting opposition from snipers. 

Five carriers, a mortar platoon, and six Anti-Tank guns joined the battalion.

The battalion continued its advance supported by the 4/7th Dragoon Guards tanks, and 86th Field Regiment RA.

D Company was clearing up the enemy in Crépon, and as the battalion advanced further, they met enemy opposition. Casualties. POWs - 40 taken.

A mobile column under Major Bowly, a squadron of tanks, a section of carriers and B Company moved off and reached the bridge and knocked out an enemy staff car, killing the officer. An enemy anti-tank gun on the far side of the bridge was dealt with by the artillery. C Company captured the bridge and continued through Creuilly.

The battalion advanced through Creuilly meeting enemy opposition from their machine-guns. The local people reported two anti-tank guns in the area; our mortars went into action.

There were reports of enemy armour to the south approaching the battalion positions. The battalion advanced, less C Company who were advancing from Crépon to St Gabriel. The battalion advanced to Columbs; the village was reported clear of the enemy. Battalion withdrew to positions north of Columbs for the night.


Source - PRO WO171/1303.



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