Speedway Photo Gallery

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Atlantic City Speedway under construction.  Note the steep bank.  Collection of: Ron "Nooky" Hesse Unknown car and driver - Atlantic City Speedway.  Collection of: Ron  "Nooky" Hesse The Crowd watches a race - Atlantic City Speedway.  Collection of: Ron "Nooky" Hesse

Cars and drivers stopped on the track.  Collection of: Robert Benner View from the  grandstand - note the movie camera, lower center of the photo.  Collection of: Robert Benner

Driver Ralph DePalma at Atlantic City Speedway.   From the Spangler Library files

Photo caption reads...
"American Automobile Association officials in charge of the run at the Atlantic City Speedway April 20 - 23, and drivers of the two Studebakers.  At this time a record was established for endurance and speed unequaled by any stock car listing for less than $1400, when one of the cars traveled 5,000 mile in 4,751 consecutive minutes."
 Collection of: Bernard Graebener
Studebaker team, Atlantic City Speedway.  Photo by: D.M. Adams.  Collection of: Bernard Graebener
aerial view of speedway






Aerial view of Atlantic City Speedway.  The remnants of the former Amatol plant can be seen throughout the area.    
  Graphic art - A.C. Speedway