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Part V The Town

   Part V  The Town
   Amatol, New Jersey            Larger Image
   The Town Of Amatol 1        Larger Image
   The Town Of Amatol 2        Larger Image
   Typical Street Views
   Panoramic Views Of Town 1
   Panoramic Views Of Town 2
   Typical Residences
   Plan Of Houses
   Typical Multiple Houses
   Workmen's Houses
   Typical Workmen's Houses
   Men's Dormitories
   Typical Women's Dormitories
   150 Room Women's Dormitory
   Typical Quarters For Laborers
   Liberty Court
   Typical Shops
   Liberty Theatre
   Town Restaurants And Mess Halls
   Typical recreation Structures
   Town Warehouses
   Typical Metal Lath And Cement Construction