Mel Phillips

Mel Phillips

Enjoyed finding your website recently and commend you for putting a huge project together.  My one complaint is that there are many great people who worked at WNBC who should be acknowledged.  

I played a small part in the history of 66/NBC as Program Director 1977-78 but there are so many others who should be mentioned like our GM Perry Bascom, Music Director Jeff Mazzei, Production Director Bill Rock and some fine jocks like Joe Mc Coy, Walt "Baby" Love.  Of course, Cousin Brucie, Don Imus and many, many other people like the only Programming secretary ever at the station, Brenda Graham.  The list is endless.  

Perhaps someone (sorry, I just don't have the time to do it myself) from that era could check in and  include some of the people they worked with because they all played an enormous role in the history of a truly legendary radio station.  

All the best,  Mel Phillips